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China-US Business Summit Attending California Governor Candidate Campaign
A Word from the Chairman

Chairman, Mr. Steven Shen

To the 2018 China-US Business Summit

China is changing, the United States is changing, and the world is changing.

President Trump’s series of strongman policies and unilateralist actions have made the world somewhat unprepared. The US-DPRK relationship has undergone dramatic changes, and the US-China trade relationship has turned sharply. The United States has withdrawn themselves from the United Nations human rights organization. The world is getting more and more difficult to understand.

It was in this special turbulent era that the China-US Business Summit entered its tenth year. Regardless of how hard the China-US trade war is, the China-US Business Summit is still expanding their business structure. In October this year, with the World Chinese Golf Club, we will jointly host the golf tournament with hundreds of players from five continents. The Chinese branch will also be launched, and a number of unprecedented docking projects will also be launched.

At the same time, the schedule of the historic 10th China-US Business Summit Conference has been in full swing – the establishment of a new forum, the cooperation of new cooperation units, and the launch of new activities.

No one can change the will of the Chinese and American people. Nothing can hinder the development of history, because people's belief in pursuing a better life has never been so firm!

Here we collect the commemorative activities of the 10th anniversary of the whole society. We invite all new friends to come to the United States to celebrate!

Let's meet Los Angeles in the spring of this coming year!

To the 2017 China-US Business Summit

After Eight Eventful Years,

the Summit Goes to the Next Level

Now another spring is here. China-US Business Summit is in its eighth year. It took eight years for the Chinese people to win a war against Japanese invasion. It took the China-US Business Summit eight years to go through its infancy and grow into a self-growth phase. By each day

and each month, in providing our service to businesses in the US and China, we refined our sense of serving both sides on the Pacific. I believe, we will take more steady and agile steps into the future, because the new sense has shown in the following:

1. Building our sub-brand. Last spring, the Summit Organizing Committee made a bold attempt – starting a Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival – by working side by side with Hanhai Holdings and Ding Ding TV. It was a huge success. Professionals in and outside this event unanimously endorsed this new international capital connecting to creativity platform. So, the three sponsors of this event come into agreement that we will bring an upgraded version of the second Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival in 2017 and continue building our concept of “Dream changes the world. Together we start new businesses.” I believe this year, we will see more startups spread their wings of capital resources.

2. Spearheading the internationalization of Chinese business along with related agencies. As a supporting organization, China-US Business Summit collaborated with ZMW China-US United Business Institutes and Win-Win Alliance International Business School, and ECI Festival and other organizations to provide services to Chinese businesses. China-US Business Summit brought into the vibrantly growing Chinese market worldclass resources such as Harvard Business School and Hollywood Studio to support the growth of Chinese business. The vision of the Summit’s founder, “Summit will never have its curtain down. Service will continue day by day,” was carried out into our daily practice.

3. Establishing investment company centered on China- US Busin"Unending Services from the Unending Summit." If you believe in the value of international resources for enterprise development, if you have the capabilities of recourse integration, and if you strive to develop

impressive business platforms, then we sincerely hope that you will join us! We are confident that we can build a better and brighter future through cooperation, in other words, “once together, win together.”

To the 2016 China-US Business Summit

After a 14-day business trip, with its 28 activities across four major cities of the US from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and with over 300 entrepreneur established connections, the 7th China-US Business Summit had come to an end by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Only those who have joined us for the entire journey will share the knowledge, surprises, experiences and the inspiration that the Summit has brought to us.

While in New York, we stepped in the home of financial giants, Morgan Stanley and the Blackstone group as their experts guided us in learning the significance of cross-border mergers and acquisitions and global asset allocations.

In Boston, we once again gathered at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School to listen to the brilliant management insights of renowned professors. This year, our Summit members have invited the Harvard professors to their own enterprises in China in order to help guide in practical business principles of Harvard.

In Los Angeles, we shared the stage with US politicians, recounting the past 7 years and the development of the China-US Business Summit. In addition to the US politicians awarding our summit members, our senior members also awarded US Congress members and politicians with honorary medals and certificates, thanking them for their continuous support of our Summit.

In Silicon Valley, we simultaneously held 5 forums at 3 different venues, successfully building a strong platform for investors and their newest strategies. Similarly, we were introduced to a number of big names in the financial spectrum, allowing our entrepreneurs to collaborate with the industry’s leader and begin merging into the forefront of the world’s sciences and technologies. Undoubtedly, the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival has opened a whole new chapter for the China-US Business Summit.

Once again, the China-US Business Summit was able to successfully link Chinese entrepreneurs with top of the line resources in the United States, allowing our company’s services to improve day by day. Because of this, many summit members have expressed their

willingness to establish local branches of the Summit in their cities, which throughout the years has become a fast trend among attendees. Due to the fast-paced financial development in China, it is important for Chinese enterprises to be internationalized for their future development. There are countless examples that have proved that obtaining such high-end international resources and finding unique strategies will lower the amount of labor, while bringing forth higher efficiency.

It is also an inevitable trend due to the fast growth of the Summit and its branding. The core contents of the 8th Summit in 2017 were quickly established immediately following the success of the 7th Annual China-US Business Summit. Looking across the Pacific, do you know of any other international platforms that have made such an achievement at such a large scale?

Establishing more branches of the Summit will introduce to China new high-end talents and projects found in the US, thereby furthering the cooperation of enterprises in both nations. In doing so, the Summit will be able to seize more business opportunities open only to China and the US and be able to see through our philosophy of "Unending Services from the Unending Summit."

If you believe in the value of international resources for enterprise development, if you have the capabilities of recourse integration, and if you strive to develop impressive business platforms, then we sincerely hope that you will join us! We are confident that we can build a better and brighter future through cooperation, in other words, “once together, win together.”

To the 2015 China-US Business Summit

In the 1980s, the most popular idea all over China was "going into business". People were no longer content with the so-called "iron rice bowl," a Chinese idiom meaning a stable job to feed themselves. They chose to plunge into the sea of business and taking their destiny into their own hands. Although it was dangerous for those who knew little about the market, many of them were successful in their struggle and a number of them even became the first group of wealthy people in China.

Thirty years later, we once again face an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the form of "going overseas for business", internationalizing our business, and embracing the possibilities of a new life!

Compared with the idea of "going into business" in China decades ago, the prospect of doing business abroad today is certainly much less risky and unpredictable. The times have changed, in both China and around the world, and so have the Chinese entrepreneurs and their enterprises – they have grown to be much more resilient, competitive, and mature from years of experience in the international market economy. What’s more, there are six unprecedentedly favorable conditions that justify doing business abroad:

1. An unprecedentedly flat world

As has been claimed for years, the world is not round, but flat, in the sense that the global flow of information has allowed people across the world the same access to information, placing them virtually on the same level ground. The

Earth has become a global village. Let’s take a look at what has happened over the past year: Alibaba, a purely China-based business group, set a record as the largest US-listed IPO on the New York Stock Exchange; while the box office

of "Fast and Furious 7", an utterly Hollywood film, hit an incredible all-time high of RMB 2.442 billion on the Chinese market, nearly twice the previous record of RMB1.3 billion. These two unprecedented records are a sign of the mutual recognition of the two nations: the US’ recognition of the development of China’s market and economy and China’s recognition of American values.

2. Unprecedentedly favorable policies

While adhering to the policy of reform and opening-up, the new Chinese leaders have introduced policies encouraging private enterprises to do business abroad. In March, China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued a new regulation to further simplify the formalities for direct overseas investment. The Chinese government has also initiated an international development strategy of "One Belt and One Road". Meanwhile, there are also unprecedentedly favorable

policies from foreign countries – Western economic powers such as the US and Canada have allowed 10-year multiple entry visas to Chinese citizens since last year, followed by greatly eased visa policies from other countries worldwide.

Some even waive visas for short-term stay for Chinese citizens. All this not only facilitates the overseas investment of Chinese enterprises, but also stabilizes the mentality of Chinese investors – no need to worry about visa rejection after investing overseas anymore.

3. Unprecedentedly huge capital reserves

This is now well known to all the European and American countries, where Chinese are often even viewed as ideal targets by thieves.

4. An unprecedentedly large overseas Chinese talent pool

I remembered when "Devils on the Doorstep" won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes fifteen years ago, Jiang Wen came to the United States looking for cooperation with big Hollywood companies. We had a talk about why Hong Kong actors such as Yun-Fat Chow and Jackie Chan could be successful in Hollywood while actors from Mainland China could not. He thought that it was all because of a group of young talents from Hong Kong, who had worked for major brokerage firms in Hollywood for years since graduation from American universities. It is they who have helped Hong Kong actors to make their foray into Hollywood. Today, thousands of talented people from Mainland China are working for the top companies of the world, some of whom are very influential and have a big say, creating a favorable condition to those Chinese companies seeking overseas business cooperation.

5. Unprecedented shift in attitude to Chinese

Attitude varies with strength. From my 25 years of life experience in the U.S., I deeply feel that Americans judge people not by their ethnicity or race, but by their strength. They do not discriminate against Jordon, O’Neil, or Woods, but against those who are incompetent and lazy. China and Chinese people are much stronger than before, and hence have won more appreciation and respect from Westerners. This positive change in attitude is supportive of Chinese enterprises doing business abroad.

6. An unprecedented broad platform

China-US Business Summit is a non-governmental international organization which has developed into a platform with a membership of over 3000 Chinese entrepreneurs and more than 600 American entrepreneurs. We not only host annual China-US summit, but also provide business matchmaking services for both Chinese and U.S. enterprises.These six "unprecedentedly favorable conditions" combine to make now an ideal time for Chinese, especially private Chinese enterprises, to go abroad for business pursuits. "Never put all your eggs in one basket" – risk awareness and international allocation of assets also greatly

encourages Chinese people to do business abroad.If you chose to "plunge into the sea of business" years ago, you certainly understand what it means to your life. If you did not, you surely would not like to miss the opportunity of "going overseas" today, because it will not only help you to achieve sustainable development of your business, but also provide better security for your wealth. It might even thoroughly remold or rebuild your life.

Please bear in mind that China-US Business Summit is always with you when your enterprise is going international. Our objective is helping Chinese realize their American dreams and helping Americans realize their Chinese dreams!




To the 2014 China-US Business Summit

For the 5th China-US Business Summit, we set out from the harbor in Boston where the Mayflower landed. Reflecting on the American Revolutionary War more than two hundred years ago that fired its first shot in this place, we walked into the classroom of Harvard University. Recalling the passion and wisdom of the professor in the Harvard Business School, we came into the United Nations, followed by New York, Hollywood and Los Angeles. Finally we came to Microsoft, listening to the thoughts of the technological giant about the future.
The 5th Summit has brand new paths and concepts. With a reunion of old friends, and an acquaintance of new talents, we will hold hands together to face the unprecedented trend of the China-US Business Summit.
Chinese real estate enterprises have prospered in the U.S., which has immensely strengthened the confidence of business owners.In the tourism industry – now, China's cultural industry is able to become involved, receive direct access to Universal Studios Hollywood, and have the ability to introduce and integrate rides into their own parks. The strength of Chinese business owners has greatly changed.
In the software development sector - Cui Yongyuan's Oral History Museum has been receiving group training from American experts. They have successfully negotiated and purchased the world's most advanced video exploration systems and plan to use them to their advantage. The mentality of doers in China is no longer the same.
In the film and television industries – in the past, only high box office films were available for investment. Now, professional film and television investors are endeavoring to invest in less popular films, which strengthens international thinking while providing excellent returns from European and American cinemas. The spell has been broken and the vision of Chinese business owners will never be the same again.
All these breakthroughs are quietly building the deep interpenetrating pattern for the China-US economy. The significance of these changes for China and the US is beyond estimation for now.
Now that we have clearly observed these epochal changes in China-US cooperation, the China-US Business Summit is increasingly becoming a non-negligible force in these transitions. We take great delight as well as pride our teamwork and dedication.
In correspondence with our historical trend we look forward to a more exciting future together with the summit members from both China and the United States.


To the 2013 China-US Business Summit

This year, the China-US Business Summit experienced comprehensive improvements and thriving growth.

This year, many outstanding participants were invited to take part in a series of activities: on the first day of the summit, former US President Nixon's envoy Nicholas Platt talked about the experience of witnessing the history of China-US diplomatic relations; at the closing ceremony, former US President Nixon's brother Edward Nixon gave a memorable speech. Both activities increased the overall cultural and historical depth of the China-US Business Summit, allowing the participants to get a close-up look at the China-US relationship across four decades of history.

The organization of the summit was first-rate. An informative meeting about US investment policies was arranged on the first day of the summit by the Manhattan local government, which greatly improved participants’ understandings of the investment environment and policies of the US. Upon this foundation, the organizing committee also arranged for other events to strengthen the participating entrepreneurs’ understanding of relevant China-US interaction. At the opening ceremony, Summit Chairman Steven Shen, representing the 2,231 entrepreneurs of the summit, awarded a prize to US Congresswoman Judy Chu for her great work in drafting and asking the US government to apologize for its Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. The summit also expressed its appreciation to Marina Tse, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Education and Summit Advisory Committee Member, for her push to include Chinese history in US school textbooks during her term in office. Her efforts provided an excellent way for American teenagers to learn about China, which will be a strong basis for their future cooperation and development with China.

Another reason why we say this year’s summit is one of great growth is because the venue and the arrangements of the summit were related to past American Presidents in many ways.

Kim Holland, the host of the summit’s opening ceremony was frequently a bilingual host for Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Wang Hongbin, translator of the summit, had served as a translator for President George W. Bush. Millennium Hotel, the main venue of the Summit, had previously hosted six US Presidents. Both former US President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill were members of University Club, a high-end private club.

This year's summit activities were innovative. Based on the advice of Summit Consultant Cui Yongyuan, the organizing committee arranged a China-US Business Summit Day at Bloomingdale’s, one of the top US department stores so that members had the opportunity to experience luxury brand fashion trends at the renowned department store that has been frequented by British Queen Elizabeth and top US celebrities.

The summit understands that the key to satisfying our members is to help them realize China-US cooperation projects. Therefore, the organizing committee integrated both summit member and social resources to form a series of specialized teams based on the needs in the US and China markets. These teams included "The Committee of Education Investment" to promote a link between the China and US education industries, "The Committee of Real Estate Development and Investment" to promote cooperation between China and US real estate projects, and "The Committee of Chinese Cuisine Promotion" to promote the emergence of Chinese cuisine brands. The summit also set up an international service department: the project, entitled "Perfect American Life" is designed to meet comprehensively the needs of members who wish to have their relatives and friends immigrate to the United States.

Based on the development of the China-US Business Summit, the organizing committee decided to carry on a series of summit activities in Chinese major cities, starting this year.

This decision has received a positive response and support from members. The first project to be developed is the "China-US Business Summit in Qingdao." The activity is supported and sponsored by Wang Bo, President of the Shouguang Yihao Trade Co.,LTD. We believe that with the great support from our members and the effort made by our committee and all our staff, we will continue to provide better service and further promote the values and vision of the summit. We believe that the summit can help achieve great success on both sides of the Pacific.


To the 2012 China-US Business Summit

The first Summit created a concept. The second one created actual value, and now the third China-US Summit will build a multi-faceted development platform for businesses from both countries. The China-US Business Summit will grow year after year and solidify a road to the future.

The Third China-US Business Summit will organize events other than business tours outside of Los Angeles. With the establishment of the Las Vegas and New York meeting sessions, this year's forum will take place in the nation's three largest cities with three different themes, creating business opportunities from coast to coast. This will provide more choices for participating Chinese entrepreneurs when they look for investment and cooperation opportunities in the U.S. At the same time, U.S. entrepreneurs from more cities will be able to discuss business cooperation with Chinese investors face to face. We are witnessing the growth of the China-US Business Summit as a non-governmental business communication and exchange platform.

Also, the establishment of the media, film and television forum is a response to the growing needs of media industry development in China and the United States and has been benefited from the Chinese national policy to promote the development of China's cultural industry. I would like to thank Mr. Luo Tao, Mr. Wang Lanzhu and CSM Media Research for their efforts in creating this exciting new exchange and communication platform for Chinese and American film and television professionals. The China-US Business Summit will keep creating more exchange platforms for different industries.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude towards the Chinese Embassy, American Chamber of Commerce as well as other parties and agencies that have generously offered their support for the organizing committee. Without your generous help, the further growth of the China-US Business Summit would be impossible.

We know that our goals are far from achieved, and that our experience and ability are far from adequate. For this reason, we hope the participants can understand and tolerate our mistakes. However, we are working diligently and will return all the people who have given us their trust with an unremitting endeavor in pursuing our goals.

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